Wayne Shi

Wayne Shi – known personality in China. His work is staggering.

Master of Eastern Buddhist art of permanent makeup.

The Director General of the Asian Department of education Dutch firm Nouveau Contour.

Master modeling facial features “Eastern Buddhist art of permanent makeup”.

He put together the Eastern culture, I-Zin and culture appearance with the art of permanent makeup lips, eyes and eyebrows, gave the individual beauty of natural lips, eyes and eyebrows, and helped many women to live in happiness and joy.

Wei Chi is the only master from China who had been invited to tour the U.S. and Europe giving lectures and demonstration performances on the art of permanent makeup lips, eyes and eyebrows.

Master Wei Shi has developed over thousands of training programs training beauty and happiness:

“Secrets of permanent makeup bright lips and eyebrows in finding happiness”,

“Secret code and fashionable face”

“Experience the beauty of the transformation”,

“The spread of fate”,

“The art of improving female happiness”,

“The revival of the art of living”,

“Beauty is a form of energy, and other” programs with which people started with makeovers permanent makeup, and reached spiritual joy, began to live in happiness and beauty.