Gala dinner and entertaining show

in the restaurant of hotel “Gorki Panorama”

Dress code of event – Bto and a mask!


Bto - Black Tie Optional: “black tie is not required”

Clothes for men: dark suit with tie. Dark-blue suit is perfect for evening event, it can have hardly noticeable stripes.

Clothes for women: cocktail dress, evening separates (separate garment, that is not a set), chic suit.


In enigmatic atmosphere of evening you will repeat several times phrase:

«Mask, I know you!»

And nobody knows, what will happen after that…

Mask is not only dress code of event, but intrigue.

In the program of gala dinner:

мальчик с шампа

  •  lots of drinks
  • delicious food
  • excellent music
  • communication with friend and colleges in an informal manner
  • the best photographer for you for the whole evening
  • competitions and prices
  •  dancing
  • great amount of impressions and emotions


See you there!